Let Us Look After Your Cat While You’re Away – At Dorothy’s Cattery in Kenthurst

Every one of us needs a break once in a while. Work pressures and other commitments can get us down, so it’s good to get away from it all on some tropical beach somewhere and relax. If you’re thinking of taking a break, you might be put off by one little consideration. What do you do with your cat while you’re away?

Your cat is more than just an animal you feed every day; he’s a trusted and loyal friend who feeds off your love and depends on you for your affection. Going away might seem a little like abandoning your furry friend – so what are the alternatives?

You could leave your cat with a friend or relative, but they might not have the time needed. So, instead, why not look for a Cattery in the Kenthurst area to provide board and lodging for your feline buddy while you’re away?

Dorothy’s Cattery in Kenthurst is a perfect example of what a loving and caring environment should be for all cats. With plenty of space and comfortable surroundings, your cat will instantly feel at home. We provide everything your cat would need, high-quality food, love and even a local vet if required. Best of all, we’re sure your cat will agree, is there are no pesky dogs around to mess things up!

Call Dorothy’s Cattery in Kenthurst today and book a room for your cat during your next holiday.





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