Going on Holiday? Leave Your Feline Friends to Relax at Dorothy's Cattery in Dural

Taking time away from work and heading away from home on holiday is always a welcome event. Being able to relax once in a while is good! Of course, you can't just pack up and rush out the door, especially if you have pets like cats. While you could simply ask a friend to check in on them once a day, that can still be a stressful experience for your cat. Instead of worrying about the well-being of your animals while you travel, consider boarding them at Dorothy's Cattery in Dural.

For over three decades now, our family has offered up our beautiful, spacious property as a sanctuary for cats. To enable you to travel worry-free, we make a special effort to create a comfortable, inviting space for every cat that boards here. Our cattery in Dural features plenty of space, so your cat never has to board with a pet from another family. All cats have access to a high perch in their rooms, providing the perfect lookout. Best of all, our owners take pride in a lifelong passion for animals and their welfare. When boarding your cats at Dorothy's Cattery in Dural, you can rest easy knowing they're in the care of your fellow cat lovers!

Reduce the stress of travelling for both you and your cat - they receive the benefit of daily socialisation and play while you relax. We're happy to answer any questions about our location you may have. Simply call us on 9651 2946 and let us know you're curious about boarding.





Dorothy's Cattery

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