Do I Choose a Cat Sitter or Boarding Hotel and Cattery near The Pond?

Leaving your feline companion behind while you go on vacation or a business trip is never easy. It might cause stress for you and your pet. On top of that, you must find either a sitter or a cattery near The Pond. The question is, which type of service is best for you and your cat? Read below to discover your options in boarding and sitters, and how to approach finding the right one.

Cat Sitters near The Pond

Cat sitters come into your home near The Pond once or twice a day to set food out, scoop the litter box, and spend quality time with your cat. A sitter can be a benefit if you have a homebody on your hands. Some cats just do better at home in familiar surroundings, and a sitter can be less stressful. Someone coming to your home who is familiar with your pet is always a good option in the case of cats with severe aggression. Many sitters will update you daily through text and post pictures via social media, which can help make being away easier.

The downside to a sitter is having someone you don’t know come into your home. They have a key and ready access to your personal information and belongings. If you trust the service 100%, then there’s no need to worry about this, but it can be a bit daunting for a pet owner going away for the first time. You don’t want to spend all your time worrying about what might be happening in your home.

If you choose a sitter, interview them well in advance and have them come to your house a couple of times so your cat gets familiar with them. Choose someone trained in, or at the very least familiar with, cat first aid. Ask your vet for recommendations. Often those who work in vet offices are pet sitters on the side. Ask for references and check them, and clearly outline what is or isn’t expected from the sitter when in your home.

Cat Boarding near The Pond

If you have a cat who is outgoing and loves to visit with company, he may like the atmosphere of a cattery better. He is likely to see people more frequently than with a sitter, and although housed separately, he’ll have the comfort of knowing other cats are around. A pet hotel usually has caregivers assigned to show your cat special attention each day to ease anxiety and keep them comfortable. Most cattery owners have a special interest and love for cats which should make the transition easier for you.

The downside to a boarding is that your cat isn’t in familiar surroundings. If you opt for a pet hotel, just be sure the cages are multi-level and have plenty of room. Bring your cat’s bedding and toys to make them feel more comfortable and ask lots of questions. Visit the facility in advance and check references.

Dorothy’s Cattery is a cat hotel near The Pond providing boarding for cats. We aren’t a luxury cat spa offering facials and saunas for felines. We do offer a comfortable, clean, well-kept facility where your cat will feel at home. Visit us today and see what we offer.

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