Why Leave Your Cat in a Cattery or Boarding Hotel near Rouse Hill While You’re Away

If you can’t stand the thought of leaving your cat behind near Rouse Hill while you’re away on business or pleasure, some hotels and airlines allow pets to come along with you. However, there are some things to consider before you take this step. A cat would have to be kept in a kennel or carrier the entire time, and this may cause unnecessary stress. Finding a cattery near Rouse Hill may be a better option.

Why You Should Choose a Cattery near Rouse Hill

When deciding whether to board your pet, it can be easy to envision small cages full of cats crowded into a dark room. The truth is that this usually isn’t the norm with cat boarding near Rouse Hill. There are cat hotels that cater to the tastes and quirky personalities felines are often famous for which will probably leave your cat happier than being in a carrier in a place they don’t recognise. A boarding facility that specialises in cats may be an ideal situation for your beloved pet because they’ll be in the hands of staff who are well acquainted with what cats like and what they don’t.

A competent cattery near Rouse Hill will have adequate facilities for their boarders. Cats escape easily, so cages should be secure and multi-level with separate areas for sleeping and playing, and each cage should have a water bowl and litter box. Some pet hotels even offer family housing if you have multiple cats. Being with familiar friends creates less stress on your kitties, so this is an excellent option. Food is usually included in the cost of the stay, but you can always provide the brand you prefer. Most boarding places spend time each day petting, playing with, and brushing each animal.

Most catteries require proof of current vaccinations, and it’s important to note that some require a waiting period after shots because it takes time to establish immunity, so don’t save this step for the last minute. You’ll need to supply needed medications, your vet’s contact information, and a list of phone numbers where the cattery can reach you while away.

How to Select a Cat Hotel

When looking for a Cat hotel near Rouse Hill, consider the same things you would when booking a place for you to stay on vacation. Visit the facility in advance, make sure it’s clean, comfortable, and well-staffed with people who are knowledgeable in feline care. Ask about their experience and how they interact with their borders. Do they give each cat special attention each day? Surprise visits are always a good idea. It can be a concern if staff members are unwilling to show you around last minute. Get references from prior customers, be sure you contact the references and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Call Dorothy’s Cattery and visit our facility. We are in a lovely country setting, and our facilities are clean and well kept. Each cat has their own space, but we do offer family boarding. You won’t find themed rooms, piped music, or fancy furniture, but you’ll see satisfied cats, relaxing or sleeping on their balconies, enjoying the world around them.

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