Cat Boarding in a Cattery or Hotel near Kellyville: Should you, or Shouldn’t You?

Your feline friend is no doubt part of your family, so leaving her behind while you go on vacation is difficult. Many cat owner’s question if boarding their pet at a Cattery near Kellyville is the right thing to do. However, taking a cat along for the ride while you raft the white rapids of a river or relax on a beach isn’t exactly ideal, and leaving Coco in the hotel isn’t usually an option because she could easily escape. The stress of boarding your best friend may prevent you from enjoying your vacation or might cause you not to go at all.

If the staff at a boarding facility know what they’re doing and care about your cat as much as their own, Coco will do just fine while you’re away. Finding a well-kept cattery is vital for your peace of mind and the health of your pet. Read below for tips on what to look for, so you are at ease on vacation.

Red Flags that Indicate You Should Pass on a Cattery near Kellyville

First, look for recommendations from friends, through social media, or on websites that rate businesses near Kellyville. This information will help narrow the field. If possible, choose a facility that only houses cats or keeps the cats separate from dogs. You should take a tour of any boarding facility where you’re considering leaving your cat. If the staff are less than enthusiastic about having visitors, don’t even entertain it as an option. During your visit watch for smells like cat urine, faeces, or litter, and if you’re overwhelmed with odours when you walk in the door as it’s a good indicator that the cattery isn’t kept clean. Also look for sick animals. Ailing pets must be separate from healthy animals always, with no exceptions.

If the cat hotel uses small, one level cages it’s a huge red flag that they don’t care about the comfort of your pet. Cat dwellings should be multi-level and spacious. Ask if you’re allowed to bring your pet’s bedding or toys. If the answer is no, think twice before choosing this place. Anyone knowledgeable about cats knows having their own bedding and toys provides comfort. Remember to ask about the staff’s daily interaction with the cats in their care. If the person giving you the tour can’t list ways they attend to Coco such as brushing and holding, take a pass. A cattery isn’t just a place to house your pet; they need love and attention while you’re away.

If you’ve decide to use a cat hotel near Kellyville, the staff should ask for emergency numbers so they can locate you if something goes wrong. If they don’t, it indicates a poorly run facility. They should also readily offer the name of the veterinarian used in case of illness and their procedure for handling these situations. It’s worrisome if staff don’t know the vet’s name when you ask.

Dorothy’s Cattery Makes the Grade

Dorothy’s Cattery has a twenty-year history of cat boarding near Kellyville, and we meet all the criteria above. We’re in a country setting where Coco can relax and enjoy her vacation as much as you do. Give us a call today, and we’ll schedule a visit. We look forward to meeting you and your feline friend.

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