Hornsby cat owners should choose wisely when checking their cats onto boarding hotels

“What goes around comes around.” If you own a cat, then you will know that this saying means more than just a furry feline playfully chasing its tail.

So many people enjoy the company of cats but cannot put their finger on why. Even self-proclaimed dog people who can’t fathom the idea of owning and caring for a cat are quickly convinced of its value in their lives, once they have spent enough time with it. If you own a cat and love it so much that you fear attachment anxiety when you are away on holiday, or even if you enjoy simply having your cat’s presence in your home, you will need to think about what will happen to it when you are away on your next holiday. You will not be the only one staying in a new space such as a room in a hotel.

Our deep connection to cats is a good reason to choose the best cattery near Hornsby

Believe it or not, there is a spiritual side to cat ownership. You may have always felt drawn to cats or mesmerised by their grace or cuddliness. These animals are often thought of as healers who teach us how to stand up for ourselves, de-stress, access our intuition, and accept ourselves as individuals. Your cat gives you a lot on a daily basis, so when you are away from home, either on business or holiday, it’s only fair to put your cat’s welfare at the top of your to-do list.

There’s no better way of looking after your cat than booking her into a friendly and loving cattery, such as Dorothy’s. With ample room for your cat to lounge and play, and human company to cuddle her and keep her occupied, you can go away with the knowledge your feline friend has everything she needs.

When boarding our beloved ones, we need to be aware of how subtle changes in their environment and lifestyle can affect such delicate creatures. At Dorothy’s cattery, we make every effort to put your cat at ease so she can settle in and feel at home. We encourage cat owners to bring their pet’s favourite cushion or blanket, or even a piece of clothing that smells like home. These little things do a lot to help acclimatise your pet when she comes to stay with us.

Giving back the love to our cats while they are in a cat boarding hotel near Hornsby

Being a cat parent is not a one-way street, and because they are so sensitive, we need to be extra caring about what keeps them happy and healthy. Even scientists and sociologists are dedicating their time to study the relationship between humans and cats. When choosing a Hornsby cattery for boarding near Hornsby, take the extra steps to choose one that will make your cat’s stay a comfortable one. Give Dorothy’s cattery a call today and book a holiday for your beloved feline.

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