Tips for Successfully Boarding Your Cat in a Cattery or Pet Hotel near Bella Vista

Taking your cat with you while on vacation isn’t usually an option. Not only are cats escape artists, but they're also nearly impossible to leash and take along to the beach. Having your cat accompany you on your adventure is a nice thought, but it’s just impractical. However, leaving them in a cattery near Bella Vista can invoke anxiety and fear in the discerning cat owner. Below are tips for successfully boarding your cat and being at peace with it so you can enjoy your vacation.

Steps for Finding a Cattery near Bella Vista

The first step in successfully finding a cat hotel near Bella Vista is to begin boarding at the kitten stage. Leaving your furry friend in a cat hotel for a night or two while she’s young can help acclimate her to the place she’ll be staying while you’re away. Kittens adjust better than adult cats do, so starting young makes the transition easier. Even if your cat is past the kitten stage, leaving her in a cattery for a night here and there before you leave on a lengthy vacation can familiarise her with the new surroundings and ease the anxiety of being in a new place. The bonus is you get to try out the facility near Bella Vista and make sure you’re comfortable with your cat being there.

Before leaving your cat in a hotel even for a night, get referrals from your vet or your friends with cats. Hopefully someone you know has a trusted cattery near Bella Vista. If this isn’t the case, check ratings online and ask for references. Make a visit to the property and be sure things are in order. Is it clean, well kept, and odour free? What amenities are offered? Can you bring your pet’s bedding and toys? What kind of food do they use? What are their emergency procedures? Find out what kind of experience the owners and staff have and ask about personal attention your cat will receive.

Remember that you know your cat well, so make sure the facility offers what you think your cat would like and need while you’re away. Take your time and don’t make a hasty decision. Once you’ve chosen, unless you have a bad experience, stick with the same facility each time you leave town. Jumping from kennel to kennel can be hard on your cat.

The Bottom Line

The only thing that matters when boarding your cat is that she is happy and you are comfortable with where she is. Leaving your cat behind will not be easy on you or her, but if you approach it the right way, you can minimise stress and anxiety for both of you. Cat boarding near Bella Vista doesn’t have to be stressful, and it won’t be if you follow the steps above.

Give Dorothy’s Cattery a call and come by for a visit. We’d love to show you around so you can see what we offer. Our country setting makes our facility uniquely serene. You won’t find fancy furnishings and cat facials, but we think you’ll be happy to leave your feline in our care while you’re away. We understand how much you love your pet because we are cat owners ourselves. We understand the peculiar personalities cats can have, and we cater to their needs.

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