Arcadia cat choose their cat boarding hotels with the utmost care

We all know that sometimes when travelling you can get the feeling you’ve found a home away from home. But for cats, can this ever happen? Cats are very attached to their owners, but even more so they benefit from being in a familiar environment. Anyone who has moved to a new house will have witnessed a heightened agitation in cats. Behaviour, such as excessive meowing, climbing and scratching, shows us their need to get out and explore their new environment to make sure it’s safe. They will find hiding places you have never noticed because of a strong desire to get away from extra stimulation such as noise or new people or animals.

Ageing cats have special needs

You may have noticed that your cat’s behaviour has been changing over the past couple of years. Cornell University’s Feline Health Centre defines an ageing cat’s characteristics, as opposed to an ill cat. Some things to look out for are: chronic diseases, overgrown claws, hearing loss, loss of appetite, arthritis, and the neglecting of grooming habits. Reducing stress, according to the centre, can be a major necessity. Senior cats must be monitored with care when boarding, which means having a special object with them and giving them proper nutrition.

Dorothy’s Cat Boarding near Arcadia looks after your senior cat as if it is their own

What kind of cat hotel would you trust? If 30 years and three generations of experience in boarding along with extensive work in animal welfare with the RSPCA, including investigations and emergency care, is not convincing enough, perhaps a description of the services will help you envision the time your cat will spend there. The Sydney non-profit Cat-World recommends that cat care-takers arrange for special bedding, placement of the litter box, mental stimulation, and maintaining normal routines. Basically, Dorothy’s Cattery has thought about everything that a cat hotel serving the elderly near Arcadia needs. Their personal touch makes it possible to sweetly board the senior cat.

Don’t make the mistake of boarding your cat without doing the proper research

It is worth the time you spend to investigate ahead of time the reputation and philosophy each Arcadia cat hotel takes in its boarding facility. Dorothy’ Cattery is more than willing to answer any enquiries you may have. Some common faults of other cat boarding locations, according to Catster Magazine, are: lack of ventilation and one-level cages. Animal Planet emphasises cats’ access to outdoor spaces, adequate water, scratching posts, and an observation perch. An area where a cat goes for refuge to hide and have peace is also essential, along with a cosy sleeping place.

A home away from home is never the real thing, especially when boarding, but we can make it the best one possible for our feline friends. Thought it is not their choice to be displaced, we can feel at ease knowing that Dorothy’s Cattery near Arcadia are ready to try their best.

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