Give Your Cats Their Own Vacation at Dorothy’s Cattery near Castle Hill

For all the relaxation holidays offers, preparing for them can be extremely stressful. This is especially true if you have cats you're worried about leaving behind. While cats can generally take care of themselves if you're away for a couple of days, weeklong vacations pose a problem for many pet owners.

You don’t want to drop your cat off at just any cattery near Castle Hill. You want to be sure they'll be well taken care of, well fed and have plenty of room to roam. Since some cats are extremely particular, you also don't want to stress over them having to share a space with unfamiliar cats.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could set off on your vacation knowing your cat was in capable hands, in a living space similar to their home? At Dorothy's Cattery near Castle Hill, this is exactly the type of service we offer. While you’re away, we provide your cats with a peaceful, spacious place to relax and enjoy their stay away from home.

Not only will we provide your cat with high quality Royal Canin food and balconies to peak their curious minds, but we'll also ensure they receive their own rooms with plenty of space to roam freely. If you have multiple cats, we can provide connecting rooms so your furry friends can visit one another. Don't worry another second about where to bring your cats during your vacation; we've got you covered!





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