Going on Holiday? Your Cat will Enjoy His time at Our Cat Kennel near Sydney West

Cats are very perceptive. You’ve been sneaking around trying to pretend everything is normal, but your cat has already sussed out what's going on. He knows you're planning a trip away, and that means only one thing, he's going to be left alone. No wonder he's craving attention every chance he gets, or sulking in a corner. No matter how hard you try to hide the suitcase, he knows you're busy packing.

If only you could tell your cat that you’ve booked him into a beautiful cat kennel near Sydney West and that he’s going to have as much fun on HIS holiday as you are on yours!

Dorothy’s Cattery is a cat kennel near Sydney West that offers idyllic surroundings, and the perfect place for your cat to relax and unwind on their own feline holiday. While you’re away on your trip, your cat will be kicking back and relaxing in his own dedicated hotel room. There will be plenty of fresh air; he'll be fed promptly, and because all the people at Dorothy's Cattery are cat lovers themselves, your cat will get lots of love, attention and pampering.

As a family-run and caring cat kennel near Sydney West, we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic holiday retreat for your cat. Also, if you have more than one cat, you can even book a family room so your cats can be together. Give Dorothy’s Cattery a call today, and get your feline friend booked in on his holiday, while you prepare for yours.





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