You’ll Find the Best Cat Kennel in Dural at Dorothy’s Cattery

When you go away, don't you want to make sure your cat is treated like family, wherever they stay? We understand that leaving a pet in the care of a stranger can be challenging and know you have plenty of questions. Where will your cat be staying? What kind of food will they be given? Will they be comfortable?

All these questions are normal when you are looking for quality cat kennels in Dural. We’re lucky enough to have a great, friendly staff who loves cats and knows how to make sure they’re happy and secure. Our high-quality cat kennels in Dural provide your cats with their own rooms that will never be shared with felines from other families. Your cat will also receive their balcony to look out from, to enjoy the quiet and stunning Dural countryside.

Our cat kennel in Dural serves only Royal Canin, one of the best names in cat food. We also staff a highly qualified vet, just in case your furry loved one needs medical attention while you're away. We're a family owned cattery that has been passed down through three generations of cat lovers. When your cat stays with us, you know you're getting the best pet hotel and care available.

Stop by our charming cattery to witness our attentive staff in action for yourself or feel free to ask any questions you might have before booking your cat’s first stay.





Dorothy's Cattery

29 Cranstons Rd
Dural NSW 2158

Ph: 9651 2946

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