You can Rely on Our Cat Hotel in Dural While You’re Away

So, you’re busy packing your bags; you have your passport, your travel money, and everything else you need for a luxurious (well deserved) break. You’ve planned for everything while you’re gone, including having your neighbour pop round to feed and look after your cat. You’ve thought of everything. Or have you?

Cats are self-sufficient animals, but those who are domesticated like to know that people are around. They crave interaction with humans and depend on receiving a little loving now and then. With this in mind, do you not think it might be a better idea to book your cat into a cat hotel in Dural while you’re away?

What happens if your cat is injured while you're gone? Or your neighbour becomes sick and can't get around to feed him? Besides that, your cat would probably prefer to be somewhere where he can see humans and other cats every day. That cat hotel in Dural is becoming more appealing by the minute.

Dorothy’s Cattery has been looking after cats in the Dural area for three generations. We have comfortable rooms for our feline guests, where they can enjoy their surroundings and be fed and pampered by caring people every day. Our cattery is a safe environment, where vet services are also available if necessary. Your cat won't need to mix with other cats from other families; he will feel safe and secure in his own little territory.

Call Dorothy's Cattery today, and ask us about long and short stays in our cat hotel in Dural.





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