The best Cat Boarding in Sydney West at Dorothy's Cattery

For many, animal companions are as close and beloved as any other family member. When the demands of life call us away from home, leaving them behind is seldom easy. It can be a little easier, though, if you find a service for cat boarding in Sydney West that puts your cat's well-being first. At Dorothy's Cattery, our goal is to deliver the best in comfort for cats and peace of mind for owners. With three decades of loving and quality care in the record books, we're still working hard every day for the animals we board.

Set on a quiet property full of shady trees, Dorothy's Cattery focuses on each cat's comfort and needs. We never place cats from another family with your animals; instead, they receive their own clean individual rooms to explore. We never use chemicals or perfumes, and we feed only high quality Royal Canin dry food.

We can also care for cats with different needs, such as those requiring tinned or speciality foods. Please prepare a supply of the food before drop-off and let us know what to expect. This way we can easily provide informed care. All of these things make us the best choice for cat boarding in Sydney West to entrust with your precious feline.

Want to leave behind a favourite toy or some clothing your cat loves to use for a bed? Please feel free to leave these items with us as well. We know all about living with particular cats! To book in with us or discuss our cat boarding in Sydney West, please ring us on 9651 2946 and let us know how we can help.





Dorothy's Cattery

29 Cranstons Rd
Dural NSW 2158

Ph: 9651 2946

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