Dorothy’s Cattery Offers Superior Cat Boarding in Kenthurst and Surrounding Areas

Are you searching for an affordable, reputable cat boarding service near Kenthurst? Do you want to make sure your cat stays in a place that’s comfortable, clean, and friendly? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all your choices?

Many expensive companies offer luxury cat boarding in Kenthurst, not all of these companies provide the level of care you might be expecting for your beloved pet. After all, what's more important, expensive cat suites where your cat is left alone and rarely checked on, or a warm, spacious, and relaxing environment where cats are free to be themselves?

If you’re searching for a no-frills, quality cat boarding service near Kenthurst, visit Dorothy's Cattery to find out first-hand how the best cat care looks. Our cattery offers a safe, caring, and secure environment for your cat to stay in, with individual rooms and private balconies to enjoy. We're a family owned business of cat lovers, so we not only know how to keep your cat happy, we enjoy it!

Here at Dorothy’s Cattery, we provide great vacation homes for your cat, while ensuring they receive the best cat food and care available. Do you have a cat with special medical needs? No problem. We keep a vet on site, in the event your cat is sick or requires medical attention.

Provide the best care for your cat by booking their next stay at our well-respected cattery.





Dorothy's Cattery

29 Cranstons Rd
Dural NSW 2158

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