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You’d love to take your cat everywhere you go, but it’s not always practical or possible. When you travel, you want to be sure that your beloved cat is looked after with exceptional care so that you don’t have to worry while you’re gone, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your trip knowing that your kitty is safe and happy. There are several options, but here’s why boarding at a cat kennel in Castle Hill is the best one.

Experienced care

The staff at Dorothy’s Cattery in Castle Hill are pet owners themselves and have extensive experience caring for other people’s cats while they are away. We are accustomed to dealing with many different cats and their unique personalities; we are familiar with their needs and understand how important it is to you that your cat receives the best possible care while you’re travelling. You can leave your kitty with us and know that she is in good hands. Our kennel staff is trained in proper feeding and playtime and even soothing cats who may be anxious in a new environment.

Full supervision

When you leave your cat at home unsupervised, there is always the possibility that he could escape or become sick or injured with no one around to help. When you choose a cat hotel in Castle Hill instead, we will monitor your cat the entire time to make sure they stay healthy and happy. If any problems do arise, there will be someone there immediately to address the issue and notify you of the situation. You’ll be leaving your cat with access to instant medical care, lots of personal attention, and the safety and security that only experienced animal lovers can provide.

No inconvenience to friends or family

If you leave your cat at home alone for an extended period, someone has to come over daily to feed her, play with her, and clean up after her. Go for cat boarding in Castle Hill instead, and you won’t have to place this burden on your friends or family members, who likely already have hectic schedules. Your cat also may feel anxious or afraid with you away and an unfamiliar person coming in regularly and may respond by hiding or trying to escape. Your cat may feel more secure in cat hotel where she has her own room to relax in and wait for you to return.

Dorothy’s Cattery in Castle Hill

At Dorothy’s Cattery, we provide your cat with the best possible care, including healthy food, fresh water, lots of personal attention, and plenty of space to stretch out and relax. Your cat will never be boarded with other cats unless you have two cats that live together and prefer a family room. We have a local vet on call for any issues that may need attention, and we board only cats – no other animals – for the calmest, most secure experience for your furry friend. Your cat will be surrounded by nature and clean, fresh, country air as he snoozes on his private balcony until you return to pick him up. The next time you travel, trust Dorothy’s Cattery to give your cat the exceptional care and attention he deserves.





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