Considerations when Booking your Cat into Cat Boarding in Castle Hill

At Dorothy’s Cattery near Castle Hill, we absolutely love cats – which is a good thing considering we provide dedicated cat boarding facilities for when you need to go away on holiday or a business trip. We welcome your cat and look forward to having him come and stay with us. However, to make the stay easier for you and your feline friend, and to avoid any problems, we have a few recommendations.

When using our cat boarding in Castle Hill, we provide virtually everything your cat will need. Litter, food, and playtime. If, however, your cat has any special requirements, such as a particular type of food (for a special diet), it’s best if you bring that with you.

For the protection of our other cats, we require an up-to-date vaccination certificate when you book in. Please make sure you bring this with you.

To make your cat feel more at home, you might want to bring a favourite blanket or pillow he likes to sleep on. Usually, this will smell like home, so he’ll feel more at ease and acclimatise to our cat boarding in Castle Hill much quicker.

If your cat needs any medication while you're away, make sure you bring an ample supply with you, and full instructions as to the dose and frequency required.

Apart from that, our cat boarding facility near Castle Hill has everything your cat will need. We even have a vet on call if necessary. So you can go away, and feel confident in the knowledge your cat is in the very best hands.





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