Are you looking for a cattery in the Sydney West area?

Dorothy's Cattery is located on five rural acres off 29, Cranstons Road, Middle Dural. We are about 45 minutes from the CBD. Our leafy, natural, acreage setting ensures that our guests are kept away from the pollution of the city. Instead, they enjoy clean more.

Let Us Look After Your Cat While You’re Away – At Dorothy’s Cattery in Kenthurst

Every one of us needs a break once in a while. Work pressures and other commitments can get us down, so it’s good to get away from it all on some tropical beach somewhere and relax. If you’re thinking of taking a break, you might be put off by one little conside more.

Going on Holiday? Leave Your Feline Friends to Relax at Dorothy's Cattery in Dural

Taking time away from work and heading away from home on holiday is always a welcome event. Being able to relax once in a while is good! Of course, you can't just pack up and rush out the door, especially if you have pets like cats. While you could simply more.

Give Your Cats Their Own Vacation at Dorothy’s Cattery near Castle Hill

For all the relaxation holidays offers, preparing for them can be extremely stressful. This is especially true if you have cats you're worried about leaving behind. While cats can generally take care of themselves if you're away for a couple of days, weeklong more.

Dorothy’s Cattery is the Best Cat Hotel near Sydney West

Deciding where to bring your beloved cat while you’re away can be a painstaking decision. Cats are valued members of your family, and you want to make sure they stay in a place that will dedicate time and attention to your beloved family members. While there are more.

Are you looking for a cat hotel in Kenthurst?

Dorothy’s Cattery offers a luxurious cat hotel in Kenthurst for our guests providing a safe, caring, and secure environment to ensure that cats are comfortable during their stay. We also offer a wide variety of services. Cats at Dorothy’s Cattery are provided more.

You can Rely on Our Cat Hotel in Dural While You’re Away

So, you’re busy packing your bags; you have your passport, your travel money, and everything else you need for a luxurious (well deserved) break. You’ve planned for everything while you’re gone, including having your neighbour pop round to feed and look more.

When You Leave Town, Choose Dorothy's Cattery, a Safe and Comfortable Cat Hotel Near Castle Hill

Though cats might not gaze at you with a forlorn expression when you leave like a dog might, that doesn't mean they don't miss you when you're gone. Separation anxiety is a real thing in cats. That's why you may not wish to leave them alone when you must be more.

Keep Your Kitties Comfortable with Cat Boarding in Sydney West at Dorothy's Cattery

For many, animal companions are as close and beloved as any other family member. When the demands of life call us away from home, leaving them behind is seldom easy. It can be a little easier, though, if you find a service for cat boarding in West Sydney that more.

Dorothy’s Cattery Offers Superior Cat Boarding in Kenthurst and Surrounding Areas

Are you searching for an affordable, reputable cat boarding service near Kenthurst? Do you want to make sure your cat stays in a place that’s comfortable, clean, and friendly? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all your choices more.

Are you looking for a cat boarding service in the Dural area?

Dorothy's Cattery provides an exciting boarding experience to all our guests. We understand concerns about pet safety while in a boarding service. Your cat will not be locked up in a kennel. Instead, they will be playing with other cats who are also enjoying more.

Considerations when Booking your Cat into Cat Boarding in Castle Hill

At Dorothy’s Cattery near Castle Hill, we absolutely love cats – which is a good thing considering we provide dedicated cat boarding facilities for when you need to go away on holiday or a business trip. We welcome your cat and look forward to having him more.

Going on Holiday? Your Cat will Enjoy His time at Our Cat Kennel near Sydney West

Cats are very perceptive. You’ve been sneaking around trying to pretend everything is normal, but your cat has already sussed out what's going on. He knows you're planning a trip away, and that means only one thing, he's going to be left alone. No wonder he's more.

Three Reasons to Call Dorothy's Cattery When You Need to Board Pets in a Cat Kennel Near Kenthurst

Sometimes, life interrupts our daily routines. At times these interruptions can call us far away from home — whether it is a medical emergency, a family crisis, or a more positive event, one phone call can have us packing our bags. Meanwhile, we also have to more.

You’ll Find the Best Cat Kennel in Dural at Dorothy’s Cattery

When you go away, don't you want to make sure your cat is treated like family, wherever they stay? We understand that leaving a pet in the care of a stranger can be challenging and know you have plenty of questions. Where will your cat be staying? What kind of more.

Are you looking for a cat kennel in Castle Hill?

Dorothy’s Cattery is the place for your cat to be! Dorothy’s Cattery is listed on Yelp as one of the top ten kennels and pet services in the western Sydney area! We are very proud of this accomplishment and strive to continue to provide the high quality services more.

Arcadia cat choose their cat boarding hotels with the utmost care

We all know that sometimes when travelling you can get the feeling you’ve found a home away from home. But for cats, can this ever happen? Cats are very attached to their owners, but even more so they benefit from being in a familiar environment. more.

Tips for Successfully Boarding Your Cat in a Cattery or Pet Hotel near Belle Vista

Taking your cat with you while on vacation isn’t usually an option. Not only are cats escape artists, but they're also nearly impossible to leash and take along to the beach. Having your cat accompany you on your adventure is a nice thought, but more.

Hornsby cat owners should choose wisely when checking their cats onto boarding hotels

“What goes around comes around.” If you own a cat, then you will know that this saying means more than just a furry feline playfully chasing its tail. more.

Cat Boarding in a Cattery or Hotel near Kellyville: Should you, or Shouldn’t You?

Your feline friend is no doubt part of your family, so leaving her behind while you go on vacation is difficult. Many cat owner’s question if boarding their pet at a Cattery near Kellyville is the right thing to do. However, taking a cat along for more.

Why Leave Your Cat in a Cattery or Boarding Hotel near Rouse Hill While You’re Away

If you can’t stand the thought of leaving your cat behind near Rouse Hill while you’re away on business or pleasure, some hotels and airlines allow pets to come along with you. However, there are some things to consider before you take this more.

Do I Choose a Cat Sitter or Boarding Hotel and Cattery near The Pond?

Leaving your feline companion behind while you go on vacation or a business trip is never easy. It might cause stress for you and your pet. On top of that, you must find either a sitter or a cattery near The Pond. The question is, which type of more.

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